Friday, January 3, 2020

Word of the Year

Have you heard of the One Word resolution? 

I love this concept, as I prefer choosing a word to guide my year rather than listing a whole whack of resolutions that I'm not going to be able to follow. For my personality, keeping a theme in mind as I go is much easier than following specific objectives.

So this year, my word is:


In both senses -- to remind myself that I am Complete as I am. To reduce stress and self-criticism.

And, to remind myself to Complete the tasks that I am really interested in, not to put them off. Whether that's classes, projects, travels, or organizing things, I would like to complete them, not just think about them, put them off, or just stop once I've started.

So, completion is my theme for 2020.

I'll post my word in useful spaces to remind myself through the year, from my journal to my sewing bulletin board! And I will keep this theme in mind when taking on new things, too.

Here's to a successful 2020!


  1. Interesting, and a good word for most of us I think. I'll have to ponder what mine might be...

    1. Some years it takes me quite a while but this year this word just popped into my head right away.


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