Sunday, December 1, 2019

Weekend Review: Making Fabric Jewelry

Making Fabric Jewelry / Marthe Le Van
NY: Lark, c2012.
144 p.
This month I'm going to be featuring some craft books with quick, easy, but also nice last minute gift potential projects in them. This is a book I've had on my shelf for quite a while, and I think there are many fun ideas in it, from extremely simple to a bit more complicated. 

You can start with the covered button bracelet, which is exactly what it sounds like. (image on the 20+ projects bubble on the front cover). Get a bunch of button forms, cover them with adorable scraps, and string them together into a bracelet. 

Or go a little bigger with a wire wrapped teardrop earring which requires more materials and more expertise with wire work. 

You can even transfer images to fabric and use those to make brooches and gewgaws! I'd love to try that one. 

There are some familiar ideas, like a fabric wrapped wooden bead necklace (which has been on my list to try forever!) and some more unusual ones using more unusual fabrics and techniques. I think anyone with a sense of adventure could manage to make all of the items in this book if you were interested in them. 

And a lovely, personalized piece of jewelry that reflects the recipient's tastes, uses up some of your fabric scraps, and isn't too difficult to attempt making sounds like the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer. 

If you can find this one at your local library or a second-hand bookstore go for it! It has clear photos of all the projects, good step-by-step instructions, and a nice variety of projects to choose from, each contributed by a different artist, which allows for a mix of aesthetics to shine. 

I know I've earmarked a couple of these ideas for my own holiday extravaganza ;)

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