Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Cozy Pinkish McCalls 3009

I picked up this fun 1990 pattern while thrifting recently. View B, the grey one, really caught my eye. So this weekend I pulled a slightly shimmery sweater knit from my deep stash and cut it out.

I first considered cutting size Large all over, but the ease is generous, so I cut a medium at shoulder/bust and graded to large by the waist and hip area. I think it worked out nicely! I shortened the body by an inch and the sleeves by 1/2" but next time would double both, as I had to trim them once I had it finished.

This was a pretty easy sew -- the neckline is really interesting, and only requires you to stitch down the collar fold at the side seams, the rest is a loose fold. And there aren't any tricky bits. You sew the sleeves on flat and sew up the side seams, hem everything and you're done. The only thing I had to 'fix' was the lower hem which was a bit wobbly when done, but a gentle steam press smoothed that out.

I enjoyed getting the pink/silver/black fabric out of my stash and into my closet. It matches perfectly with my black floral vintage brooch, and is a comfy and not too warm sweater. Perfect for the season, but not too festive to wear all winter long. This print is surprisingly hard to photograph, though! Here's a closeup for a better view.

I have another few projects in mind, and a couple in the immediate queue, but will be taking a break for the holidays so will be sharing them with you in the New Year  -- assuming I actually finish them ;) I'm hoping for some downtime over the holiday just to tidy the sewing room and do a bit of sewing, so we'll see how it goes. Best of holiday sewing to you all!

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