Sunday, September 15, 2019

Weekend Review: Happy Homemade Sew Chic

Happy Homemade Sew Chic / Yoshiko Tsukiori
trans. from the Japanese by Masashi Karasawa
North Clarendon VT: Tuttle, c2013.
64 p.
This week's feature is another book by Yoshiko Tsukiori -- I think she is my favourite so far among all the Japanese pattern books I own. Her style is casual, natural, and just quirky enough for me. 

In this book she shares 20 patterns, most for dresses or tunics, though there are some pants and jackets in here too.

Like her other books, this one has Westernized pattern sheets in the back to trace. The size ranges up to a bust size of 40 1/4" and hip size of 43 3/4". So while it's a limited sizing, it is larger than many other Japanese sewing books. I just squeak into the largest sizes here. The patterns are fairly boxy and geometric, though, so if you have any experience at all with altering patterns, you should be able to adapt them upward to some larger sizes.

As usual, my favourite patterns here are for dresses. All of these on the back cover appeal to me --  although the black one, upper centre, (Dress R) is the one that I'd like to make first. 

Even with that, the lower right is a linen jacket that has kind of caught my eye as well. I might have to make something that -- gasp -- isn't a dress! The reliance on linens, natural cottons and lovely prints is so appealing.
Here's a better view of the jacket
I like this series, and hope to find all of them someday. I just have to find the time to trace all of the appealing designs so I can break out my ditsy prints. I love the solids, but the one below looks so prairie retro. It's funny that there is that similarity.

This reminds me of a prairie apron
Anyhow, I recommend this one for the inspiration, and for the variety of designs in it. Between the pants, skirt, blouse, jacket and many dresses/tunics, you could make yourself an entire wardrobe with just this book. Also, the patterns are basic enough that many variations could be made to shake them up a little, too. 

If you're interested in Japanese sewing books, this one is a good bet to start with. I'm hoping to share my own Dress R before the end of this year! 


  1. I like the way Japanese pattern books are not over wordy with so many instructions. It can be put quite simply, and there is never just one way of constructing any garment, so there is room for the sewer to feel okay about doing it their own way. And although the patterns are generally not my size, there are always details in design which can be transferred to any pattern.
    I am not sure if I am taking a Japanese slant with my Literary Sewing Circle make, as yet. Not far enough into the book to make a decision. Inspiration is still to come.

    1. I do like the aesthetic of these books, but as you say, the size ranges vary widely. But details/style ideas can be adapted to other patterns too, and I find them charming to look through.


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