Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September Sewing Plans

I can't quite believe it's September already! My sewing plans are not as organized as they have been for the last few months because all I want to do is keep sewing summer clothes. I still have two dresses from my summer sewing list that I've cut, and have to finish sewing up. So my list isn't going to be as full of new projects this month.

But it is time to start thinking about fall.

There is one dress I've been meaning to make for the last couple of years, so I am going to be finally making it this fall. It's the project I picked up D-rings for recently. Kwik Sew 3718 has been in my stash for ages and so I'm going to make View A in a green silk(?) I picked up at a garage sale last summer. Probably will have to lengthen it a bit!

Then I want to make this cotton-linen blend into one of these dresses, I haven't decided which yet. It's a bit of a heavier weight fabric and the yellow is more mustardy, so I think it'll do nicely for fall.

Butterick 6655 - I'd make the middle view

Vogue 8766 - I'd make the short straight view

And I want to make a knit tee out of a great remnant I found a while back -- I don't have much of it so should be able to just squeeze in a tee that doesn't need too much fabric. I'm thinking of using the La Brea Tee by Halfmoon Atelier -- I won this in an Instagram contest earlier this year & haven't tried it yet. 

That's all I'm really hoping to finish this month, although there are at least 30 other patterns calling my name!! I am hoping to participate in #ScrappySeptember over on Instagram if possible -- it's a MAGAM challenge & requires you to use your scraps, remnants and leftovers to make something lovely -- I have a few patterns that might work for this, including my brand new Kwik Sew 4260 and much older Kwik Sew 4016, either of which is great for bits of fabric. 


But I do have other things to do in September too - imagine that! 

The very first meeting of the Stratford Garment Guild takes place on September 10. I'm really looking forward to this, and hoping that we get a good turn out of local sewists ready to share our love of sewing. 

And, September brings the return of the Literary Sewing Circle! I will be announcing the new title soon (anticipating Sept 13) and look forward to sharing another great read and great sewing inspiration with all those who want to join in on the fun. Guesses welcome...


  1. Melanie, you have so many wonderful sewing plans!! I have been focussing on machine embroidery and spinning for a few weeks, and alas my sewing is not where I would like it. I am helping my daughter make another garment pattern from Chinello Bally's book, although that is proving a little difficult this time round.

    I am really looking forward to the next Literary Sewing Circle! Cats and sewing?? I am trying to guess but doubt I have any idea. I could only think of Choupette: the private life of a high flying cat? But unlikely!

    1. Haha, Choupette would be a delight ;) But look a little closer for more hints...

  2. As an addit - your 'September' post made me think of the September Issue (of Vogue) - the big one for the year!


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