Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Summer Sunshine in Gingham

I recently found this cheery yellow gingham seersucker at my local fabric store, and immediately thought of this vintage night dress pattern, Style 3734, which I found while thrifting a few months ago. Dotty has kindly agreed to model it for me. 

I chose the nightgown, view 2 -- the short one -- and quickly cut this out. It's very simple -- front, back and yoke. Even though the back has a centre back seam, I had enough fabric to just cut it on the fold and save myself any stripe matching agony. 

I also found some off-white vintage bias binding in my stash to finish off the sleeve edges. 

The hardest part was the yoke, mostly because it was a bit fiddly. Sew together the edges and one layer of shoulder seam, hand stitch the other side closed, and attach the body of the gown to the opening you've left in the bottom of the yoke.

The pattern also directed you to slip stitch the inside yoke down, but lazily I just pinned it carefully and stitched in the ditch on the front of the yoke to catch it. It's a night gown, I don't need a flawless finish! 

One change I did make was to cut the yoke on the bias to change the direction of the gingham, just because I thought it would look nice that way. I had to be extra careful not to stretch it while sewing, though, because of that. I think it worked alright.

Then I gave it a wide 1" hem, and decided to stitch two little buttons on the front yoke for aesthetic appeal, and also to help me find the front easily when putting it on, as it's pretty much identical either way.

This was a quick project but a perfect one for these steamy dog days of August. It's cheerful and cool, what more do you need for summer nights?


  1. cute! I need a couple of nighties for lounging around in summer when pyjamas are just too snuggly. I never get round to it though

    1. I finally got around to it myself ;) I really needed something cool and comfy.


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