Friday, August 2, 2019

August Plans

I can't quite believe it's August again already! Where does the time go? I think we all say that, but this year in particular I'm really feeling it. I didn't get through all of my plans for July sewing, but did okay. I'm bumping some of those plans up to August and adding a few new ones as well.

Here's what I'm hoping to work on this month.

Style 3734, c.1976

This nightdress pattern jumped into the queue, mostly because it's been so hot here I feel the need for another lightweight summer nightgown, and because I found the perfect fabric for one -- a cotton gingham seersucker. It's soft and light and will work perfectly! This one's already on the table.

Jennifer Lauren "Sorrel Dress"

This one has just been officially released -- I've had the pattern for a few months since I took part in the Kickstarter project to get it going, but haven't yet made one up. Since I supported it because I loved the design, and it's now available to everyone, this one is moving up on my list. I have a border print I'm going to experiment with for this one. If that doesn't work, I will search for the stash for another option! You can see a lot of tester versions on her blog if you like the look of it too.

New Look 6340 

I had this one planned to make with the thrifted fabric that I changed to a Liesl & Co Terrace Dress instead! So now I have a lighter weight floral rayon from the stash that I think I'm going to use. It almost looks like the fabric on the cover of the pattern.

Butterick 3777

I picked up this c.1986 men's pattern while thrifting and then found the perfect weight of polycotton, also thrifted. So I want to try the longer length short for my husband and see if he likes them!

Butterick 6677

This new pattern for a sweet summer dress jumped into my pattern collection, and so I feel like I should make it while it's new and it's still summer! It will go nicely with this gingham/floral rayon, I think.

And the unfinished July projects --

My Butterick 6185 is still patiently waiting to be sewn

And a repeat of the Style Arc Lacey Dress is still on my mind to make with this stripy rayon

I'll try to get my July projects done in August, at least!


  1. Well all my summer plans have been sitting waiting for decent weather to arrive [it rained all through July] At last the sun has shown up, so I may knock out some easy breezy summer dresses sharpish!

    1. I hope you will be able to whip up some dresses! The weather really affects what I want to sew as well.

  2. Ambitious plans, that's for sure. Good luck!

    1. Yes, very, considering that I usually end up making two or maybe sometimes three items a month on average ;) But it's a list to keep me focused!

  3. You have really set yourself a goal here! I have achieved no sewing for the past month or sew, as I have been travelling. But I am back keen as ever to achieve a few garment makes or re-makes before the spring. Still cold as ever here.
    In another week the ASG is having an online sew-a-long making McCalls 7411 - a two layer sleeveless top using sheer fabric. Not something I have done before - sew with sheers. That is my goal for the remainder of August.

    1. Travelling is a pretty good reason to not have time to sew! I've just been at work and with a few days off in which I hoped to get more done ;) Good luck with your sheer sewing, that's something I haven't yet done either.


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