Friday, March 8, 2019

March Project Plans Underway

I have so many projects half planned for this month! There is of course my own Literary Sewing Circle to sew for, I have a project for Fabricville to work on, I noticed a fun sewalong for a pattern I just bought over on Instagram, and I have to finish fitting the vest for my husband that I intended finishing last month! And I have a couple of other ideas for projects percolating as well. I thought I'd better note some of them down so as not to forget them or get sidetracked.

First, my Fabricville project. This one is set. I've just received my fabric and pattern and have washed and prepped it. Now to cut and sew.

I couldn't resist this wonderful cotton -- it's a great shade of purple, covered with irregular dots and the dots reveal text beneath them! It's super, and very suited to my librarian's love of books and writing in every way. I'm planning on making View B of this pattern, the shorter blue one on the front.

And I have probably decided on my project for the Literary Sewing Circle -- I'm pretty sure I'll make the Louis Antoinette Plume Dress; I've even traced it already and adjusted the fit as much as I can so far. I just have to decide which fabric to use:

As for Instagram, there are always tons of sewalongs and challenges popping up. If you joined every one you'd always be sewing by someone else's choice! But I noticed this #SewYourView March challenge because it's a sewalong featuring one pattern -- McCalls 7906 -- which as it happens I just bought on sale -- I love the lines and I really need more basic skirts right now. So I may jump in on this one if I have enough time left this month. I really do need a solid colour skirt, black or grey or navy or something sensible like that, but the spring trends of bright yellow or green might come into play....

Added to all of this, I am also working on an art quilt project, starting with some fusible patchwork bits to use later. If only I could sew full time ;)

How about you? What projects are you working on? Are you thinking of joining in to the Literary Sewing Circle since the project deadline is the end of March? (I hope so)


  1. You're going to be busy, Mel! I love the fabric for your Fabricville dress. Would it be suitable for an Ogden cami? My daughter is also a librarian and I would love to make it for her.

    1. I think it would be too crisp for a cami -- it's a quilting cotton weight so it is light but not really drapy.


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