Weekend Review: Pattern Making Templates for Skirts & Dresses

9:00 AM

Pattern Making Templates for Skirts & Dresses / Alice Prier 

Wow, this is one thorough book! I ordered it from the library, and have had it for the full loan period and yet have barely scratched the surface. Definitely one I'm going to have to own.

It is a book on drafting patterns, and as such I haven't done much of the actual patterning it guides you toward. Time and all that....

It comes with 16 downloadable pattern slopers (which you'll have to tape and trace, unfortunately, but I'm used to that now). Then, using these slopers, it guides you into the process of fitting, drafting, creating and altering designs. (they come in UK sizes 6-20).

I'm sure if you had your own customized slopers to begin with it would all be easier to fit etc. But the amount of detail in this book on all the different ways you can shape and alter a sloper is fantastic. Out of the basics, Prier creates 32 different designs -- and they are quite different from one another so if you made even half of them you'd have tons of experience already.

I also really enjoyed the way she talks about details like collars, necklines, or pockets, even fabric, and how to alter them to change up a look quite easily. If you are at the point where you'd like to start delving into designing your own looks using a personal sloper, this is a great book to read. I'm not 100% at that point quite yet, but it is a goal of mine to develop more pattern making skills -- starting with slopers -- so I know that this book will be a great addition to my sewing library. It's one I think I'd need to work through slowly to figure out what I needed to know -- but the author, with her 30+ years of dressmaking experience, covers everything from terminology to pattern hacking to design thinking.

Definitely for an intermediate sewist, this one will help to elevate your sewing game. Just reading it through I feel like I've learned a lot already. Now on to the practical experimentation....

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  1. This book looks to be just where I am heading. I have been able to reserve it in my local library, just waiting for it to arrive. Will let you know my thoughts when I borrow it. I really like the idea of making my own variations to basic blocks, or even patterns that I know work. It is a bit like David Coffin says in his shirt books - a few basic designs open up many possibilities, and not just changes in colour or fabric. (But what would I do with all my patterns?)
    Enjoying your book reviews!

    1. Oh excellent - glad you could get your hands on a copy, and will look forward to hearing what you think of it. I would like to have the time and space to really work with all these ideas. So many projects so little time and all that!

  2. Thanks Mel. I put it on hold at my library.

    1. I hope it will be an interesting read for you!


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