Friday, June 29, 2018

Literary Sewing Circle: Pattern Inspiration

It's the first check-in for our Summer Literary Sewing Circle. Have you got your hands on a copy of the book yet? Have you started in on it?

This week I am sharing some inspiration in the shape of ideas for patterns we could pull out of the story -- if anything has come to you so far or you have ideas of your own, please share in the comments! Also, feel free to share the Literary Sewing Circle with anyone you know who may be interested :)

First off, the whole tropical feel of the book and the vital role of the sea puts me in mind of these kind of makes:

The  Bombshell  or Sophie swimsuits by Closet Case Patterns

The Vintage Capri Sunsuit by Burdastyle - now that's a skirt Calamity could have used as a beach blanket without stripping down as well!

Hector's ocean based work might be better served by some full body swimwear like Jalie's whole family wetsuit patterns.

The opening scene of the novel is both dark and hilarious. It suggests an elegant black dress for these kind of formal, solemn occasions, such as the Olivia Wrap Dress by Named Patterns.

Or of course, undies with proper elastic in them so they won't fall down at inopportune times! Try the free Acacia undies by Megan Nielsen:

Or try Colette's free Madeleine Mini-Bloomers if you want really cute and snug!

The whole summertime vibe of the novel also suggests sundresses. Here are some that seem suitable:

The Cambie Dress by Sewaholic, a real classic. Here are a few of mine, for example.

My first Cambie

One of Gertie's sundresses from her Butterick line might fit the bill, for example, the 5882

Or the brand-new Fiona Sundress from Closet Case Files! 

If your style is more like Ifeoma's, you might like a bit more of a casual, loose fitting look.

Style Arc's Adeline Dress might be one that she would rock:

Tessuti's relaxed style might also be something Ifeoma could appreciate. I suggest the Lily Dress --

Or perhaps the Tessuti Eva Dress:

Whatever you choose, be sure to share what part of the book inspired your make, whether a character, a setting or even just a phrase. And if you post about your intentions please share a link in the comments!

Hope you're enjoying the book so far :)


  1. Love your inspiration! Unfortunately I am still waiting for my book, shouldn't be long now I hope.
    But, based on your inspiration and what I have gathered about the story, I think I would like to make a very Summer feeling garment. I love the Tessuti Eva dress you showed, although I would probably not make it the full length they recommend. I frequently visit Tessuti when I am in Melbourne, and they have some great patterns (and fabrics!!). Another pattern which I have been wanting to make for some time is Diane Ericson's 'Capitola Pant'. I feel they would make a great summer pant and she is so inspiring with her ideas and options. I almost feel like there are no rules! And I picture the Capitola Pant with a shortish boxy linen top. Both very comfortable. And under the sun I like to be carefree and comfortable.

    1. Yes, carefree and comfortable are summer necessities! I do hope your book will arrive shortly though!!

      I have made the summer edition a bit extended to give us all time to read and respond and have time to make something up in our holiday time, so hopefully your book will get there in good time to give you that chance :)

  2. I read the ebook quickly, and am now going through again to read it for inspiration. I thought maybe a loose, fancy sundress a la Ife, or maybe a swimsuit which I've been meaning to make for a few years now ... It would be fun to think of something inspired by all of the objects she keeps finding, but I haven't been able to come up with anything yet. Or maybe a Pride garment inspired by her fairly blatant homophobia. Hrm.

    1. All great ideas! Glad you were able to get an ebook to read quickly. I got more definite ideas about a possible project on my second, recent read-through as well. As per usual I'll probably make another dress -- but I do have the Bombshell swimsuit pattern -- will have to decide what to do. I hope something is jumping out at you now in a second read.

  3. I read the prompt post, several weeks ago, felt inspired, and promptly ordered the book on Amazon. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to exist in the UK [I even checked on eBay] so I've had to wait for it to ship from the US. A parcel duly arrived this morning, I tore it open in a fit of find a book of biblical commentaries.
    Now I'm the least religious person you could imagine, so I stared in some horror at this tome, then quickly banged out an email to the vendor. To my delight, instead of 2 business days, they replied within the hour, apologised, refunded...but said they have no 'more' copies.
    Back to the search, and now waiting for a 2nd [considerably more expensive] copy to ship from the US. I may be some time behind on this project!

    1. Biblical Commentaries??? Now that's a mixup. It's very unfortunate that you've had to wait and spend more money :( I hope you'll find it worth it in the end. At least we all have until the end of August to sew something up.


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