Friday, February 16, 2018

Inspired to Sew with the Literary Sewing Circle

In our first inspiration post I shared some Canadian indie patterns which could be used to reflect some of the characters in Dance, Gladys, Dance. In this post I'm going to share some eye candy, some RTW designer pieces that may inspire you to make a theme your own!

First off, Miss Kesstle's crochet habit, and Girl's repurposing of the cast off doilies, might be something to spark your imagination, like it has Sara's -- see her earlier comment about her ideas on how to use crochet.

Crochet in fashion certainly has some cachet. As Vogue said not even a year ago, "Your Grandma’s Crochet Is Actually Wildly in Fashion"!

Check out this Sacai crochet granny square dress, $1,249

My Beachy Side is a Turkish company which works with refugee women to create knitted & crocheted dresses and accessories. You can imagine Girl in something made from multicoloured doilies like this maxi (now on sale for only $885)

Or you may be more inclined toward fashions reflecting Gladys' era, and are inspired by these retro looks by Ralph Lauren:

Day version

or evening version, for dancing
Perhaps you'd just like to make yourself a cute modern dress from a novelty print like this one:

Maybe it's Frieda's resistance to her art that you will want to explore. When she finally breaks free she might start with a dress she's wildly painted on, such as this evening gown by Chado Ralph Rucci

But honestly, Frieda being Frieda, this more graffiti inspired take by Celine might be more her style, worn to an art opening at the downtown Art Centre alongside Ginny in her red halter dress.

Frieda at an art opening

Ginny at the same opening

Have you been thinking of your project? Are you inspired by your reading or by any of the inspiration patterns or RTW we've been sharing?

I'm inspired by the theme of Frieda's painting, and by a fabric in my stash that reminds me a little of brushstrokes. Right now I'm thinking a dress from this fabric would be perfect... but I also love the idea of a summer dress inspired by Gladys.

If you have any plans, set or tentative, please share them here and hopefully we'll all get going on our projects by next week when we have a final Literary Sewing Circle post -- already! -- to discuss the book in a little more, and then begin to post our projects.

Until then, happy reading & sewing!


  1. Love your inspiring images!!!
    I was probably thinking of something also colourful, but a little more conservative, however maybe I should let my hair down.....

    1. Haha! Some of their other designs were definitely more risque ;) I'd love to see some crochet, I'm terrible at it myself so am always intrigued by those who can do it! I'm really leaning toward a shirtdress right now, but I'll see what I decide in the end. Lots of choices in this colourful, creative book.

  2. OK, I have finally actually started!! I am making a lacy type crochet cardigan, 3/4 sleeves with a whole lot of colours of Rowan Glace Cotton. The colours were bought as a kit designed by a very reputable designer so they should go together. If I feel I am wearing an item of clothing that looks like a cushion from the 70's then I will overdye the finished garment every so slightly so that the colours are at least in the same family.
    After searching Ravelry and Pinterest for hours (and hours) I finally decided upon a design which Melanie, was in your Pinterest! Crochet 2 hexagons together, any size needle/yarn until the desired chest measurement when folded in half. I think it will look fun! It is suppose to be do-able in just a few days. We will see.

    1. That's so cool! Can't wait to see it. Getting my fabric & pattern out this weekend to get moving on my project too...


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