Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 Sewing a teaser

As I mentioned in my most recent post about sewing goals, I've joined a couple of low-stress sewalongs over at PatternReview for this year, nothing with rigid rules or themes. I'll be sewing dresses, using up 50 metres of my stash, and trying to sew from some of my Burda magazines, too.

Something new for me in 2017 was joining Instagram, and there I've seen so many more sewing challenges and group sews and planning hashtags and just so much I could join in on!

Plus I've got these lovely sewing notebooks to plan in!

So I've decided to remind myself of my big goal for 2018, which is not to overextend myself. Stick to the challenges and sewalongs that I already have planned and just enjoy the others vicariously. For example, there is #makenine2018 in which people are choosing which nine items they wish to make this year. If I chose nine items I know I wouldn't make any of them -- I don't like planning ahead that far! I have more than nine items that are appealing and which I'd love to make, but I just can't put them on a schedule. I'll just gaze at everyone else's for inspiration. (share a link to yours if you've done it!)

There are monthly sewalongs and themes at the Sewcialists blog and the Monthly Stitch. I'll still keep my eye on those and try to join in when I can. And there are plenty of contests to jump into at PatternReview as well.

And of course there is the upcoming Literary Sewing Circle to look forward to! We'll be starting our first read of 2018 on Friday January 19 and the readalong/sewalong will run for 6 weeks. I'll be announcing the title on the 19th; it's a title that should be accessible to everyone quite easily. I hope to see lots of readers interested in this one.


  1. I'm looking forward to the next Literary Sewalong.

    1. So glad to hear that! I hope you will be interested in the next title...coming soon!

  2. I think a Literary Sewalong sounds fun!

    1. It is fun! Lots of book talk and sewing, my two favourite things :)


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