Literary Sewing Circle Link Up!

1:48 PM

It's time to share! Sorry for the delay in getting this link-up posted -- please share a link to your Literary Sewing Circle inspired creation below. We'll keep this link-up open until Oct 31, so you have lots of time to finish up your inspired make and share it.


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  1. My make didn't come together. The idea was a mini quilt based on a cover design from the book. I got a good cover image and played around with drafting the pattern from it, but I couldn't get a craft-able design from the image. Sometimes making is about experimenting and realizing you aren't on a road that will get you to a successful project.

    1. That is VERY true. Sometimes calling it quits is the best option! Thanks for giving it a go, anyhow :) Hope you enjoyed the read (reread?)

  2. I was hoping to participate but life got busy. I hope to participate in the future since I love this idea. Also I want to read Bradbury book since you made it sound so fun in the Clothes Making Mavens podcast.

    1. The good thing is that the sewalongs are very casual and you can join in at the start or near the end, whichever works. Next one up is starting in late January! (also, hope you get a chance to read the Bradbury, I do love it!)


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