Monday, August 7, 2017

Cover Designs!

I've been running a series for a while over on my book blog called "Cover Designs". What is Cover Designs? It's when I see a dress on the cover of a book and try to match up a pattern and fabric to recreate that dress in real life.

I've decided this series fits better over here at my sewing blog and so am reviving it at this blog as a new feature.

You can find the first 10 posts in their original forms here:

Cover Designs #1: Jennifer Close's The Smart One + Vogue 8379

Cover Designs #2: Gale Martin's Grace Unexpected + New Look 6141

Cover Designs #3: Liz Tucillo's How To Be Single + Kwik Sew3448

Cover Designs #4: Jennie Rooney's Red Joan + Mail Order Vintage Pattern

Cover Designs #5: Isabel Wolff's A Vintage Affair + Simplicity 2444

Cover Designs #6: Ted Greenshade's He Learned About Women + Vogue 8728

Cover Designs #7: Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen + April Rhodes' Staple Dress

Cover Designs #8: Rose Tremain's The American Lover + Vogue 8020 

Cover Designs #9: Kurt Palka's Clara + Vogue 8997 

Cover Designs #10: Katherine Govier's The Three Sisters Bar & Hotel + New Look 6143

Look for the latest one here soon!

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