Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Look Greenery for Spring, with 6185

Another fun top I made in May, from this bonkers green print -- is it tie dye? Amoebas? Computer sound visualizations?

In any case, it's a lightweight cotton gauze that I picked up from the sale table at the fabric store because it was bright and cheery, and because the hand of it is really lovely. It's quite soft and very light, but not see through, and doesn't cling at all. 

I decided to make a (hopefully) wearable muslin from it, using a 90s era New Look pattern, 6185 (view A), which I picked up while thrifting recently. For some reason I'm really feeling a lack of tops in my wardrobe so I've either made or cut out quite a few lately. 

This one will make a nice summery top, and when I wear it with a skirt and a suit jacket it actually works nicely for workwear as well - it tones down the beach vibes a bit, haha. 

The pattern was very straightforward - two pieces, with cut-on sleeves, and neck facings. I definitely need to narrow the shoulders and/or neckline next go, as when I move this shifts around a lot and I'm doing the readjustment dance too often. I think for now, for this one, I'll sew in some bra carriers to hold it in place... or use these vintage notions I just picked up for their first test!

The pattern is quick and easy, as promised on the cover, and I didn't have to make many adjustments other than shortening it a bit before cutting, as I'm so short myself. This is a great popover top and has a couple more views that could be nice to try. It's nice sometimes to throw together something really simple and new to brighten up the summer wardrobe.

are we done with the photos yet?

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  1. Looks like a print to me - kind of in the style of tie dye. One way to know is almost always a print repeats - unless it's a panel in which case the whole panel repeats. I've done various tie dye methods but never did one that came out anything like this. There's no evidence of ties, twists, folds etc. I vote print.




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