Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Aprons, Aprons Everywhere

This weekend I attended an annual event that begins the Christmas season for me, the Rotary Club Christmas Craft Fair. 

Flickr Creative Commons: Photo by Sabrina Dan Photo
Photo credit: SabrinaDan Photo

With Christmas music playing and lots of gift ideas, it's fun to wander & get ideas. What was the big takeaway? Aprons are hot again! They were everywhere. I think there were at least 5 vendors selling variations on aprons.

There were small colourful frilly ones, manly ones, and I think my favourite, large practical ones decorated with applique and hand embroidery, by artist Carmen Nistor Caldwell (she's on Instagram which I don't have so here is a link where you can see some of her recycled textile bags and aprons)

This was very interesting to me, since for some reason I've just had a resurgent interest in aprons and have 3 library books out right now on the topic. I'm reading all about modern and historical aprons, working on one for myself, and thinking about, well, Christmas gifts!

I'll talk about the books I'm reading in a later post, but wanted to share this brief pamphlet with suggestions for aprons as Christmas gifts, from the US Dept. of Agriculture, way back in December of 1944. I especially like the suggestion for Uncle George....

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