Monday, September 7, 2015

SIM #2: Pinot + Walkley Casuals

Since Sew Indie Month is just getting started, and there is still time to pick up Bundle #2 for a great bargain (about $3.80 a pattern!) I thought I'd share the two patterns I made on this long weekend -- which are both part of this bundle.

Walkley Top & Pinot Pants
I decided to make two of the very easy beginner patterns. Because it was 40 degrees Celsius around here and extremely humid, I hid out in the basement sewing for much of the weekend! I traced off and sewed the Walkley top (probably unrecognizable with my changes) and the Pinot Pants

The Walkley top is a very simple t-shirt style top and dress -- it's basically one pattern piece, but it does have little "wings" at the ends of seams to make the turn & stitch finishing much easier and neater. There are also instructions in the pattern on how to personalize it -- how to add design seams, colour-block etc. I think this would be a great beginner pattern, as it's non-intimidating to work with, but also encourages new sewers to experiment and try things out. It could also teach them the importance of measuring and fitting a pattern to yourself before you cut. Ahem.

I traced it off at the largest size, knowing it would fit my hips that way. But then I totally forgot about taking in the neckline to compensate and merrily stitched away with this knit remnant from my stash. When I tried it on, the neckline was far, far too wide. I'm far too old to wear off the shoulder tops...what to do? I had a few ideas, but went with the simple one of handstitching in some lingerie straps to hold the shoulders in place, and give the neckline a cowl effect, front & back. I really like it.

I also decided to add some tiny patch pockets, big enough to hold my keys, as I was thinking about wearing them with pants like these Pinot pants, that don't have any pockets. Plus the print was so crazy that I knew even if I messed up the pocket stitching nobody would notice! I just sketched out a pocket piece on some tissue, and then eyeballed the placement on the front of the top.

closeup! they are teeny pockets

In all of these photos you can also get a look at my Pinot Pants. It's the first time I have ever attempted any kind of pants, and thought that these easy yoga-style ones, made by SBCC, a company that focuses on petites, might be a good bet. And they were! I used a soft, thin knit -- while the pants are very soft and comfortable, they are too thin for me to feel comfortable wearing them out anywhere -- but they are a great first try at some comfy everyday house pants. The only alteration I made was to adjust the crotch curve a little, using Nancy Zieman's Fitting Finesse for tips, and I think that it worked well. I am not posting a closeup of my butt on the internet, so you'll have to trust me when I say they fit exactly like they should and have no untoward pulling or drag lines. Not too bad for a casual pull-on style, and my first try at them!

Anyhow, these are two fun patterns to try out. Just remember to measure the Walkley, as the design does have a wide boatneck, and it looks so nice when it's made properly ;)

I'm excited about trying the Pinot pants again with a slightly sturdier knit and seeing if I can get the fit *just* right. Until then, I hope to see some of you try out some of these Sew Indie Month patterns as well. I'm having lots of fun with them.


You can check out my previous post for all the details on Sew Indie Month & all the activities -- including sewalongs and prizes -- but don't forget to also visit these participating bloggers for more visuals of all the patterns in Bundle #2 -- available until September 10th.


  1. I love what you've done with the Walkley pattern! I totally get it that a boat shaped neck isn't for everyone and on smaller framed people can feel a bit wide - but what a great solution you've come up with! Thanks for choosing to make my pattern, I hope you'll make more. Wendy

    1. Oh, it's not the pattern that was too wide -- it was my inattention to the size when I cut it out! I'll try again and measure properly ;)

  2. Nice outfit and clever solution to fix the wide neckline.

    1. Thanks - these pants are SO comfy. And I had to rescue the top, I love the print so much!

  3. Great save on the top and I love the pockets (always essential for keys and other bits!).

    1. First thing I look at on a pattern - does it have pockets? Does it need some? Where can I add them? ;)


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