Me Made May 2015: Part 1

7:15 PM

I've been playing along with MeMadeMay this year in a low-key way. I've been sorting my closet, looking at what I have, and don't have, and trying to wear some of the things that don't get as much airing.

What I've been terrible at is taking photos. So I'm going to catch up on two weeks of photos here, in a collage/montage of the Me Made items that have thus far made it out into the world. At least for the first 2 weeks of May!

First, the skirts -- for the first 5 days of May I wore skirts, only one of which I wear regularly. Here they are:

From left to right:

  • brown elastic waist skirt, never blogged - not really a pattern (made with thrifted fabric so see-through that I lined it and gave it an elastic waist for a quick make. There was just enough for a trapezoid shaped skirt)
  • Floral New Look 6977
  • Brown floral microfibre New Look 6843
  • Blue hand embroidered Simplicity 9825
  • Pencil skirt! (this New Look 6128 is the one that I wear a lot)

And the following days, I wore dresses. Many, many dresses.

Left to right:

Left to right:

Fortunately for the clothing rotation, we had a couple of really chilly days this month in which I was able to wear warmer clothes, including the red Vogue above, and this KS 4026 which I forgot to add to the photo as it is in the laundry room!

So the first 15 days were very dressy. Now with a couple of days off I've been wearing a few of my more casual outfits. More info later!

Some more sewing happening around these parts so a couple of newer makes will be showing up this May, and will shortly be blogged as well. One surprising thing I am finding is that I have many more handmade pieces than I'd realized. It's been a busy year!

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  1. It's a shame we didn't get to see these garments on you but thanks for sharing. Looks like you have some lovely outfits. Looking forward to seeing your new makes soon.

    1. Thought I would catch up a little but will be trying to get photos on me from now on!

  2. You have so many pretty pieces to choose from. Love that light pink floral with the darker pink lining. Let us see a picture of you in the dress!!

    1. I love pretty dresses :) The pink floral one will be blogged very shortly.....

  3. I had the realization that I have many more handmade pieces than I thought too! -- it is making MMM15 a lot easier.

    1. It sure is :) What a surprise to see how much you've made after all.


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