Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Me Made May, final wrap up

Here I am, finishing off my MeMadeMay in June! I was so busy this weekend -- working, going to baby showers, and so forth -- that I didn't have time to tie it all up. The good news is that I did wear all Me Mades for the rest of May and these first two days of June, too, for good measure :)

Monday: Grey New Look linen dress
Tuesday: Mustard yellow skirt, blouse & obi
Wednesday: Mild animal print dress
Thursday: Bright blue Vogue tee
Friday: Maria Denmark tee + the best shadow ever ;)
Saturday: Vogue pink woven tee, very old and unblogged!

I've really loved participating in my first MeMadeMay this year -- although I found taking pictures to be a bit of a chore, it was fun looking at my wardrobe and putting it together differently. Even people who are not sewists were interested to see what I would show up in each day. 

I also "met" a lot of new online sewing enthusiasts through twitter and flickr during the month, which was fun. Seeing everyone else's photos really builds the enthusiasm for making new things in new ways. Combined as May was with Sewing Indie Month, I feel like I've had a sewing overdose this month (in a good way of course) and it has been pretty much all I've thought about! 

I've learned that I'm missing some elements of a wardrobe -- mostly pants -- which I don't/haven't made. And I've learned that some styles look better on me than others -- a benefit of all that photography! It was certainly interesting to spend the whole month thinking of one's own sewing output.

Thanks go out to Zoe at So Zo, What Do You Know? for hosting such a great project and making May very entertaining indeed.


  1. You have made many lovely garments, I especially love your mustard outfit. I enjoyed MMM as well and I hope to see you in the challenge next year :)

    1. Thanks, Hana! I've loved your outfits this month as well -- you always have something special to share. MMM was a good way to be inspired by other people's style!

  2. I enjoyed seeing all of your garments this month! I have to agree with you that "Me Made May" was enjoyable!!

  3. I found the picture taking the hardest! I did enjoy the month, though, and had so much fun seeing everyone else's makes too.


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