Sunday, May 25, 2014

Me Made May, Update 4

It's already time for another #MMMay14 update! Here's what I wore this week:

Monday (centre) -- it was a holiday weekend here and I wore my new Polly Top 
Tuesday (right) -- wore my Starry Night dress
Wednesday (left) -- wore my new Pencil Skirt with red accessories!
Thursday (top) -- wore a black dress I made a long time ago + sweater as it was really chilly again!
Friday (bottom) -- wore a tank top I made from suiting fabric
Saturday -- stayed home all day in my lounging clothes and totally forgot to wear something Me Made!! My first lapse this month :)
Sunday -- wore the Polly Top again

This has been great fun so far and I still have a few items to wear this week that haven't seen the outside of the closet in a while...

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