Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Tee Times Two

I can hardly believe it myself, but last night I finished sewing my second "fancy" tee that I'd put into the queue for my Make a Garment a Month challenge to myself. I hoped to get at least one done -- but I've made both!

This one is another Vogue, and another flowy design. I used Vogue 8581, and made View C.

I had a lovely teal knit from the sale table that I thought was drapey enough to work for this, and I was right... although it certainly was springy which caused me a few moments while cutting it out, and while stitching. But in the end it all worked out (even with the sudden running out of matching thread halfway through...quick run to the fabric store for thread solved that...but also added two metres of a gorgeous woven print to the stash)

I didn't hand stitch the sleeve bands OR the neck band... the neckline would have been a little bit nicer if I had but then again if anyone is looking that closely at my bodice at work they will get a punch in the nose anyhow ;)

I shortened the sleeves because I have quite short arms, but also because I don't like lots of fabric getting in the way at my wrists -- these are just slightly shorter than full length but the fullness means they avoid the "oops they shrunk" look. At least I think so. Here's a better look at the length.

I really like this one. The colour is really rich, the fit is nice -- loose but not enormous, and the elasticized hem actually sits quite nicely. Oh yes, the other thing I did was to cut the neckline at a size 10 and the rest size 12. I often have problems with necklines being a little too deep and/or gapey -- just my shape and short upper body -- and this fixed that. The neckline sits really well and doesn't gape or droop at all, not even when I'm leaning over. Love that. Anyhow, this was pretty easy and it's a nice bright new top for me.


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    1. So do I -- it's the colour of this fabric that first caught my eye. I have heard that teal looks good on everyone, so there you go ;)

  2. What a pretty top! Teal is your color. Looks beautiful.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Lisa -- missed your very nice compliment, so a belated thanks ;)


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