Make a Garment a Month!

9:56 PM

Now this sounds interesting... SarahLizSewStyle is hosting:

It starts October 2013... now! And will be on-going...

Although I have just noticed this with a week left in October, and a booked up weekend ahead, I am going to join in on this fun challenge! It sounds like just the thing to keep me on track with some of my projects. I do have a dress (Butterick 5923) cut out and waiting for my attention to get it sewn up -- so maybe I can do that by the end of this month! That will be my aim, anyhow. Such fun!

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  1. Hi, you have made some gorgeous garments over the last few months - it's great to have found you:). Look forward to seeing what you choose for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge for November.

    It might be a good idea to put a Followers widget on your sidebar - if you want followers and comments. It's nice to connect with other sewing bloggers. Just a suggestion :)

  2. Hi, so proud you joined in SarahLiz's Make a Garment a Month.. Such a wonderful sew a long.. Look forward to seeing what you will make.. Happy sewing.

  3. Thanks, SarahLiz & Judy -- looking forward to seeing what everyone makes and getting motivated to keep going with new choices!


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