Tuesday, May 2, 2023

MeMadeMay 2023


I wasn't really thinking about joining MeMadeMay this year. I already have tons of me-mades, and wear something I've made myself just about every day. But then I saw some pledges out there that inspired me. 

Zoe, the founder of MMM, stresses that this isn't a photo challenge, or a making challenge -- it's supposed to be a chance to examine your wardrobe and sewing habits and figure out what's working, and help you create more sustainably. 

So my pledge, inspired by a number of people on IG, is to:

  • Mend the items in my mending pile, which only keeps growing
  • Wear as many different me-mades as possible this month so that I can evaluate what I like wearing, and figure out how to alter or refashion the things that I'm not wearing. 
  • Evaluate my fabric stash to see if there are items there that I won't likely be using in future, and find new homes for those pieces. 
I think this pledge fits in with my focus in recent months, and I feel comfortable with it. If I do share some daily outfit photos on IG, it will be the ones that I have time for, and the ones that I find I really love wearing. And of course I'll keep watching the hashtag because it's great fun to see what everyone else is wearing this month!


  1. That's a great approach. I'm tackling mending and alterations as well.

  2. Would you share some destinations for the "new homes" for fabric?

    1. I am lucky to have a couple great options -- our Garment Guild is a great place to offer up fabric, as other members might love something and take it home! If that doesn't work, there is a thrift store nearish to me that has a large crafting section, so I know when I donate there that my fabric/notions etc will go out on the shelf, or be used in their in-house charity programs. Of course there is also the option of selling fabric in places like a local Facebook marketplace but I haven't personally had much luck with that.


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