Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Closet Core Cielo in Basic Black

This week I was working on a new dress, using the Closet Core Cielo pattern which I first tested in the top version this summer. I liked the fit so prepared the dress view in a solid black linen-rayon blend (a soft and beautifully smooth fabric).

I finally finished it, and it turned even nicer than I'd anticipated! It took a little longer to work through this project because I used French seams for all the interior seams, including the sleeve seams, since my fabric was very prone to fraying. I also sewed the cuff on in two steps to cover the seam allowances fully instead of the way shown in the directions.

Other than that, however, I didn't make many changes. I used the suggestion in the pattern to cover the seam allowances of the pockets with bias binding -- I used a scrap in my stash that was just long enough, and I love the extra bit of colour it brings. However, I tried to take a photo of the interior to show the binding and french seams and ended up just making myself laugh. Doesn't this dress look content?

I topstitched the back shoulder insert seams and finished the neckline with bias facings. And I hemmed it to just below the knee instead of just above, to make it a little more autumnal feeling. Since the fabric is fairly see-through against light, I am wearing a slip so will be able to add tights easily. I think this one will get a lot of use. It can look fairly dressy, like here, or with coloured tights and flats it might be much more casual.

This pattern also has the coolest front seam pockets, which is one feature that drew me to it in the first place.

The fabric is a dream to wear, and I love the fit. I cut shoulders at 12 and graded out to 14 at bust and 16 in the hips, and it is perfect for my tastes. Accessorized with shoes and necklace from the Goodwill, as usual ;)


  1. So many hidden details, it is a deceiving pattern. And very flattering.

    1. Thanks Sara! It's a well designed pattern and I've enjoyed sewing it twice now :)

  2. I truly love this as a LBD! I like how you styled it and can see that it has lots of potential for accessorizing and styling. I have this pattern and was planning to use a Brussels washer linen in green. I may have to copy you and make a black dress as well as I never know if I might need some more polished for some occasion. Great job as always!

    1. A black dress is so handy in the closet! I think this pattern will look amazing in green linen though 🙂


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