Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Safe as Houses Blouse: Burda 112-03-18

I started this blouse in January -- cut it out, prepped it, sewed a few bits -- then put it aside as the silky fabric and the neckline were intimidating me. But then I picked it up again, and finished it this weekend.

It started with the fabric, a silky poly that I found at the thrift store. This print was so charming, I just had to have it.

I intended to use it as a lining for something or other, but the print kept nagging at me to be shown off, so I finally matched it up with this tie-neck blouse, #112 from BurdaStyle 03/2018.

I am really enjoying making up my Burda patterns, even with the extra step of tracing off the pattern from those wacky pattern sheets. I find that they fit me well, and I enjoy the modern styles in the magazines.

This blouse did take some extra effort though. Anyone who follows me on Instagram might recall that I had trouble making choices about it, from which side of the fabric to use as the 'right' side to choosing cuff buttons as the final step! Even though this wasn't an overly complicated make, I learned some new things in the process. I've never sewn an attached tie neckline before, and I don't recall making buttoned cuffs like these ones either. My sleeve plackets are pretty rough but I think next time they'll look better.

I left off the back opening as I didn't need it to get this over my head, and I'm not a big fan of buttons along my back. Hard to do up and painful to lean on! This just meant that I had to make sure the back neckband and facing were appropriately adjusted to the right length too.

I'm glad I persevered with this project and am finally wearing this adorable print. I really enjoy the fit and the colours and the tie, and just so much about it. I might not look it from my photos, but that's just because I have a dreadful cold.

Another great project from BurdaStyle for me! I'm queuing up a dress to trace off next.


  1. I love Burda and tie necks! This is really cute!!

  2. It is a really lovely blouse!! You look great in it. And I understand your choice to show off the fabric - it is such fun!!

    1. Thank you! It is a cheery fabric and I'm enjoying wearing it!

  3. What a success! And I love the fabric. My thrift store fabric finds are always my favorites although there are so many mysteries: is it vintage? Is it recent? Does the original owner know of much better fabric sources than I do? 😆

    1. The mysteries of thrifting! Exactly -- where is it all coming from?? I'm always delighted when I find something unusual and appealing.


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