Oldest Pattern in the Stash: McCalls 9309

11:22 PM

Reorganizing my pattern stash slightly for the new year, I noticed a few interesting items. I've had some patterns for a very long time -- but which have I owned the longest? I sorted through and found it! This McCalls 9309, the 2 Minute Dress by Star Terrell,  is one that I have owned since I was 13 years old!

It was the first pattern I ever purchased, with my mother's help. It was intended for my home economics class in Grade 9. We had 2 patterns to choose from in class, neither of which appealed to me, so my teacher allowed me to choose one of my own as long as it was a "beginner's" pattern -- and she knew that my mother was an accomplished seamstress so would steer me right (one handy side benefit of a small town where everyone knew you!)

I still own the pattern, although sadly the actual dress is long gone. I had made it in a very soft t-shirt knit, in a very 80's pattern of mint and white tie dye; it was a "2 Minute Dress" pattern that only took me 4 months to sew, LOL. Good thing I'm more efficient these days. I recall being pretty proud that it stayed together. Do you remember the first pattern you ever purchased? Which one have you owned the longest?

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  1. Fancy still having a pattern from when you were 13 - mine have long gone :)

  2. I can't believe I still have it...although I'm thinking it would be a lot snugger in this size these days ;)

  3. Star Terrell is my mother! I will be sure to tell her about this post. Happy to see that you cherish one of her patterns!

    1. How lovely! Please do, I loved this dress so much :)


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