Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick Stash Buster: Vogue 8634

This weekend I decided that I didn't have any really handy long sleeved t-shirts. I don't wear too many of such tops, and I don't make many either, but it's always nice to have one, especially as the weather gets colder. But I didn't want just a plain tee, no, I needed something a little extra in order for me to know that I'd actually wear it. In related news, I seem to be on a cowl neck kick lately...

So I went shopping in my stash, and finally matched up a pattern to a piece of knit that I've had for a few months. I only had about 1.25 metres so had to choose carefully. I decided on Vogue 8634, a pattern that has many positive reviews on PR, but which appears to be inconceivably out of print now.

With the busy print of the fabric I had, I also took the advice of another reviewer and taped the front pattern pieces together into one long piece. The topstitched seam is simply decorative, and I did not want to have to fuss to get this print lined up -- it was supposed to be a quick project!

It turned out to be a very quick project, 2 hrs all told. The knit I was working with was mercifully pliant (unlike my last project, which I'll be taking photos of and sharing here soon). Everything did what it was supposed to do, and despite my worry that it would be too snug around the middle it actually fit just fine once I actually tried it on. Thank goodness I didn't fuss with it too much. I made View B, with the long, wrist length sleeves of View C, but wore them scrunched up to 3/4 length most of the day. Works either way.

Wore it to work today and loved how comfy and warm it was. I'll definitely make this one up again; quick, comfortable and suiting my style, what more could I ask? It's nice to have an "insta-project" once in a while!

Here's a close up of the collar to get a look at how lovely the
 drape of this knit is. Very soft and pleasant to wear.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, I'm very pleased with it. Feels like I've had it for ages already :)

  2. HOW can this be out of print?! This is such an amazing basic! That cowl is gorgeous and I love the print. It looks great!

    1. I know! The cowl is great, and I love the raglan sleeve.


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