Tuesday, December 22, 2020

#SEWINGTOP5 Highlights of 2020


Today's theme for the Sewcialists' Top Five roundup is "Highlights". This is usually sewing adjacent and/or unrelated-to-sewing highlights of the year. Of course, 2020 is a tough year to note highlights for! 

Thinking over this topic has made me glad that I have a page in my bullet journal for the wins of the year -- sometimes, especially in a hard year, you forget the things you've done that worked, or that brought joy and excitement. Well, at least I do. So it was good to look that over and think about what actually went well this year. And so, here are my Top Five Highlights of 2020.

1. BurdaStyle Academy classes

My word of the year for 2020 was "Complete". So I decided this fall that I should finally take the BurdaStyle Academy Teacher Certification Course that I've been looking at for a few years now. I've finished the first course and am now about halfway through the Advanced Course. Aiming to be mostly done by end of year! I've really enjoyed these classes and am glad I finally went for it.

2. Stratford Garment Guild

Although our local Guild had to cease meeting before even a full first year had occurred, I'm so glad we were able to pivot and start meeting online quickly. And that members have stuck with us for our Zoom based schedule this year -- and I'm also quite pleased that we were able to host the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario in November. Definitely a memorable guest speaker! 

3. Art Show

Way back at the beginning of 2020, before everything turned upside down, I had an exhibit of my photographs of Kyiv at my library. Of course, I am the Community Art coordinator so it wasn't too unexpected ;) But I really enjoyed going through the process of selecting the images and getting them all printed up and framed, and seeing them hanging together as a collection. You can see some of the photos in the backgrounds of my posts about the Laundry Day Tee and the La Brea woven tee

4. Amnesty + Craftivism

I had the chance to work with our local Amnesty International group this year, creating a large banner to highlight Berta Caceres, a Honduran water defender. Reading about her life and her work, and developing the design with some other local artists was really meaningful, and powerful. Unfortunately we couldn't display it as planned in April and May, but it is ready for use when able. 

5. Exercise

I never thought I'd ever say that I enjoyed exercising. But early this year, during the lockdown and then while being laid off, I took to exercising to manage the stress levels. I only have a mini rebounder and some 2 lb hand weights, no other equipment at all, but I found some great exercise channels on youtube and have been regularly working out since April. I find it very helpful for stress management, and have toned up -- I can even fit into some of my older fave me-mades again. 

I love the dance cardio channel Up to the BEat Fit, and GymRa for their rebounder workouts. I've also just found Naomi Joy Fitness, whose beginner rebounder workouts are kicking my butt! If you have any fave youtube channels to share in this area, I'd be glad to hear about them. 


Thanks to the Sewcialists for giving me the nudge to do this post -- I hadn't really remembered all the meaningful, enjoyable moments or newfound joys of the year in the overwhelming feelings of all the miserable parts. It was really great to think about it and realize that there were still some high points of the year despite everything. 

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