Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Small Yardage Patterns

Just a few days ago, the Sew and Tell Podcast was talking about small yardage patterns. They defined "small yardage" as those items that can be sewn up with under 2 m. of fabric, useful considering we are mostly sewing from our stashes these days! 

I enjoyed the podcast, and their many suggestions. You can see the full list at their podcast show notes page.  A couple of their suggestions are on my 2020 To-Sew list, like the Antero Shell Top or the Cielo Top. But there are also quite a few that I have in my own stash that fit this category, and are great to make with less than 2 m. of fabric. So here are my own suggestions. 

This one is great because you can make it in either knit or woven, and it uses about a yard, plus bias tape if you choose to use it. It gives two different looks for one easy pattern! Here is my woven version.


My standard knit top, this can be made with about 1-1.5 m., if you cut it at shirt length and not dress length. I've made a bunch of these. This one will have to be in your stash already though, as I'm pretty sure it is out of print. You may find it online somewhere though! 

This old standard is still useful! I've made quite a few, and it is a great free pattern. You could use any of the many, many camisole/tank patterns out there in the sewing world though, whichever is a favourite for you. Most of them use barely a yard.

This is a lovely top, great design and fit. I can't understand why I haven't made more of them! I've made one for myself and one for my mom, and think I'll get it out again and make another this year. It has lovely finishing details (mine has an added scarf from the leftovers). It uses between 1.5 - 2 m. depending on size.

This free pattern is wonderful! It is a great use for small pieces of knit and I wear mine a ton. The shape is flattering and comfortable. It is a quick sew as well. It uses from 3/4 - 1 1/4 y. depending on size. 

There are probably a whole bunch of Big Four small yardage patterns in my stash that I could try next, and I know I have a handful of small yardage indies printed and waiting for their turn on the table. The Harvest Boxy Top by Peppermint Magazine, the Five Points Blouse by Jennifer Kempler for Sew News, or the Justine Skirt by Ready to Sew (only 2 m.) are all awaiting my attention.


You might also want to sew from scraps, and piece together some of your stash remnants to make something new. I have a whole post about scrappy projects here

Want to make soon!
Or take some inspiration from this great Burda patchwork jacket by Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow. Making a copy of that is now on my wishlist!

Do you have any favourite small yardage patterns that you go back to often? If you have more suggestions, please share them! I'm always looking for new ideas for my stash fabrics. Hope you are finding sewing a relaxing and helpful habit during these unsettled times, like I am. 


  1. A very timely post!! I shall definitely listen to podcast and look up a couple of those patterns. I always liked that black dress you wore standing next to the christmas tree. And making a tie to match a shirt gives a top a whole new appearance - like having two tops for the price (or effort) of one.

    1. Thanks so much! Using up the long strip left at the edge of the fabric after cutting a blouse is such an easy way to get a very useful little scarf that can be worn with anything.

      I've really been enjoying this podcast and a few others lately, as I sew. Hope you do too.


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