Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Black Out!

I made this dress (McCalls 3926-- now out of print) quite a long time ago, using a length of cotton that was gifted to me. I never really wore it much.

I see now that it's because with its black colorway and cotton fabric, it looks like a Mennonite dress (especially when I had long hair which I wore in a braid...).

Plus I never really liked how the neckline sat on me originally. But, in re-evaluating some of my dresses, I wondered if I could fuss with this one a little to make it more wearable.

I just needed a quick hem -- taking off just over 7 inches -- and lo and behold, it is wearable, and I think quite cute now! I'm still not sure about the neckline though. I like it except when I try to carry my purse or anything else, then it all goes wonky. But perhaps that is because it's made of a fairly stiff cotton rather than something a little more flexible. If I decide to keep it I think I might open up a side seam and insert a pocket -- always useful.

PS - Excuse my crazy look in the photo: my husband was getting rather tired of taking multiple pictures of me in different dresses and was starting to pretend he was a fashion photographer, yelling "work it!" at me as people walked by. I had to laugh...

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