Friday, August 23, 2013

Repeat of a Favourite

I've made this New Look 6936 before, in a completely different fabric. I really liked the way it fit, and the way that the fabric choice really makes the dress. It's a simple pattern, really a 2 hour dress as claimed on the packaging! But this time I read through all the reviews at (a necessity for anyone who sews a lot, I think -- extremely useful).

Through the reviews I discovered some tips from others' experience. There is a lot of  ease in the bodice; I find in my first attempt, the shoulders are really wide and sometimes slide around, showing off my bra straps -- not that I mind but I have scandalized some of the old ladies at work ;) So like another sewist suggested, this time I cut the bodice a size 12 while leaving the skirt a 14. It fits much better.

I found this shiny knit fabric on sale a while back and hoped that it wouldn't be too busy to make a whole dress from. It is a bit wild, but I like it. I made View E this time. I'll most likely make one or two more dresses from this pattern. It's really easy and I like how easy and comfortable it is, though the next time around I'm going to add an inch or so to the length of the bodice so it sits a little lower. And I'm going to add a pocket. But I still like this quick, one morning project!

Two views of the finished product:

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