Thursday, May 18, 2023

Skirt Repair for Continued Wear

Happy Vyshyvanka Day! 
Mine worn with my re-hemmed red skirt

I've had a number of skirts sitting in my mending pile for a while now. This MeMadeMay I decided that I'd focus on looking at my wardrobe, seeing what I enjoy wearing, and also fix some of those pieces that are patiently waiting to be worn again! 

The skirts I've worked on all had minor issues - needing to be rehemmed, bottoms of zips fixed, etc. Nothing hugely construction heavy. And yet they were all languishing. So I grabbed a few of the easy ones and got to work! 

First was this grey skirt from the famed Vogue 1247. The fabric around the zip was weakening slightly, and it wasn't very invisible to begin with - it's an early make. So I simply restitched it closer to the zipper tape to make it more invisible and to reinforce that pulled fabric. It worked just great. 



Then I shortened a red knit skirt that I made last year - it's just the wrong length, both too long and too short to be either effectively! So I cut off the current hem and just folded it up again so that it sits at the knee rather than under it. I like this much better. 

Too long and too short and the same time!

Cutting off an inch

I haven't worn this black and white skirt, Simplicity 4236, much since making it in 2014. I put a pocket into one side but it never sits properly. Even though I am staunchly behind adding pockets to everything, this one just doesn't work, so I gritted my teeth and removed this one! It does lie much more smoothly across the hip now, and I think I may wear it again! 



I still have to shorten and narrow this blue skirt slightly (also a Vogue 1247) 

and make the walking slit in this magenta skirt much longer (and add a modesty panel at the same time - I saw a recent tutorial on adding a Dior pleat to a skirt, and I'll be adapting that here.)

But those are a little more involved so will take a bit longer -- still planning on having them done by the end of MeMadeMay though! 


  1. Congratulations; you've made environmentally sound choices and renewed your wardrobe.

    1. Thanks Carol! One of my goals for MeMadeMay this year was to fix things that needed fixing and see if I could return to wearing them. I'm really pleased I got some of the pile mended!


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