Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Burda Skirt in Magenta

Another brightly coloured piece to add to my bold and playful Fall sewing plans! I had this piece of magenta suiting from a thrift store trip, just enough to make a skirt. I chose Burda 127-09-2011 since I love a good slant pocket on a skirt, and because it fit my yardage! (as an aside: this nice pocketed pencil skirt pattern is hidden away in the magazine, only shown under a baggy long jacket with weird folds, it doesn't get highlighted at all in the issue. But it's a nice one!)

I also had this beautiful lining in my stash, just enough and a perfect match. So I got busy and cut this out. Then didn't work on it for nearly a month... But I've now completed it, and it was an easy sew that can be made much more quickly than I managed this time. Hey, I got distracted by other projects! 

I made a couple of minor changes to this skirt. I cut 42 at waist and 44 at hip, as I found my last Burda skirt quite large at the waist. I also made the waistband wider (cut two and stitched together rather than folding one in half for a narrow waistband) and interfaced it with a heavier duty interfacing to help keep its shape. 

Otherwise I pretty much followed the instructions. There is an underlap at the back waistband for a hook and eye, and the zip finishes at the bottom of the waistband, my preferred style. I also added the lining the same way that I did for my recent checkerboard skirt - even though it means a bit of extra hand sewing I feel that the neat finish is worth it. 

This skirt has a back slit, not a vent, so it's much quicker to finish. But I think I prefer a vent as it's less revealing. I am planning to make this skirt again so might adapt that when I cut out the next version. 

The only other change I made was to stitch down the inverted pleat by about an inch to keep it from poofing out too much. Now it sits a bit like a dart, smoother right at the front. I wasn't sure about the front pleats, but I think I like them now that it's done. 

This was a nice project, no big trouble with it and a nice fit too. The only issue I had is that this is hard to press and my hem is a  bit more rumply than I like. It's hand-stitched but I may have to unpick and stitch it to the lining to reduce the puckery effect. But now I need to get busy on the blouse I've planned in a matching dark floral so I can wear them together! So many projects I want to make... I'm sure you can relate. 

As worn today!

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