Friday, August 26, 2022

Terrace Dress Into Tee

I have made quite a few Terrace Dresses in the past, and it's one of my favourite easy projects. I decided that it was time to shorten this into a top, since I know it fits well and I thought a simple woven top would be a good addition to my closet. 

This was an easy project, although I have only got as far as a muslin version this week. I used some thrifted cotton blend fabric and gave it a go. I traced off the Terrace onto a fresh sheet of tracing paper, and decided on the length I wanted, which was 26". Once I measured that straight line across the pattern, I finessed it by adding a curve at the side seams. 

To do this, I marked 1/2" up at the side seam, squared that off, and then traced a curve down to the original hem about 2 or 3 inches in. This gives a nice fall to the blouse but the hem looks even when you wear it. 

Slicing off that 1/2" wedge at hem

After making up my sample version, I realized that the sides were winging out a bit near the hem, since the dress has a wider angle to go over the hip. I took 1/2" off the sides at the hem, grading it to nothing by just under the bust darts. That gives it a straighter and more unobtrusive fit. Then I made the same change to the pattern. I really like the easy shape and the comfort of it! 

Purple 1/2" wedge gone from side seam 
& pattern ready to go

I have some nice fabric that I think I may use to make one or two basic shells to go under jackets this fall. It's great to have a quick, well-fitting top pattern in hand!

Back view

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