Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Periwinkle & Wheat Stitched Up


I'm really happy with how this is progressing! This week I've finished off the periwinkle and since that was so quick I also stitched up the wheat ears. The periwinkle started off poorly -- I didn't like the angle of my stitching after half a petal, so pulled it out and began again. I'm glad I did because I took more care the second time around and got them much more 'radiating' from the centre, which is so much better.

I really enjoy the level of detail in this pattern. The small periwinkle is started with long and short stitch in darker purple, with a second layer of mauve, and then a final central detail in white. After that's done, a simple satin stitched yellow centre finishes it off. 

It's amazing to me how the first round looks so-so, but as you add in the layers, it starts looking very nice indeed. I also like the way this one is outlined in split stitch before you start with the petals - it gives a raised feel to the edges which is a lovely touch. 

It went more quickly than anticipated so I just kept going and started in on the wheat. These are easily done with lazy daisy stitches and some accents in Romanian couching stitch. I've just started the accents here. Next week I'll have some more to share -- even a colour change!

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