Sunday, July 24, 2022

Weekend Review: Fashion Forward


Fashion Forward: Striving for Sustainable Style / Raina Delisle
Victoria, BC: Orcabooks, c2022.
52 p.

This children's book is a colourful and positive introduction to the idea of sustainable fashion for middle schoolers. It's short but covers a lot of ground. 

It has four sections: Dressed to Impress, Fashion's Footprint, Taking Action on Fashion, and Be a Fashion Hero. Each of these sections cover the realities of fast fashion, the peer pressure of trends, environmental and human rights issues with fast fashion, alternatives to buying new and lots of it, history of shopping and production, and more. The book finishes up with some encouraging information on ethical fashion and how to participate in various movements to increase sustainability in the fashion realm. There's even a final page with a few other reading suggestions and lots of websites to check out. 

I think the author has done a good job of covering these complex subjects in short bites appropriate to the age of the targeted readers. The tone is positive and encouraging, and there are lots of suggestions on how to improve on the problems she brings up. The photos are also plentiful, colourful, and feature a diverse range of people. 

As an introduction to these topics, which many younger readers are already talking about, this is a great addition to a library collection alongside other books on fashion and on the climate crisis. I'd definitely suggest it to any younger reader who is a budding fashionista or is involved with a "green" group through their school or community. It's informative but not overly depressing, which is important - we can only change things when there's still some hope there. 


  1. Long time lurker, I always read these reviews with interest! I was wondering if this is gender neutral or more geared towards girls? I think my boy would be interested, and it would be nice if there are ideas for boys' clothes included.

    1. It's more of a political book, no actual focus on making clothes beyond suggesting it as a way to be more sustainable in your wardrobe. So it's pretty gender neutral. A lot of photos are of girls doing things, but there are boys featured as well, and ideas for everyone to learn from. I think it would be accessible to either girls or boys.

  2. Hi Melanie, I love your comment about being informative but not over-depressing. This is so necessary for the younger age group. There are some fabulous 'lift the tab' type books on recycling and the planet health, but for some younger readers (5-8 years) who have not developed ways yet of managing emotions it is sad. And it is beautifully put that we can only change things when there is hope!
    .... Sara


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