Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Peace Piece of my Stitchalong project

As promised, this week I'm getting to the stitching part of  the Peace for Ukraine stitchalong project. After the central heart is painted, the word "Peace" is filled in with french knots. Uh, that's a lot of french knots! 

Fortunately, Natalie has some videos to follow along with, and since I'm a visual learner I find those really helpful. I watched the video on this step of the stitchalong, and also took a peek at her video on french knot technique as a refresher. Some of the knots in my "P" are a bit messy, but by the time I hit "E" the knots were more consistent, and my thumb was also a bit sore, lol. 

This was a good way to get going; lots of repetition and chance to practice a stitch. Also, the meditative nature of simply repeating a stitch gave me lots of time to think about the issues I'm stitching for. Craft is a great way to meditate on important things, and I was doing that here.


A suggestion if you are also interested in Peace in Ukraine:

Take a look at the suggested organizations to donate to on Natalie's Stitchalong page

More suggested organizations thanks to Vinok Collective on IG (a great person to follow, too) 

Or, listen to the Ukrainian Spaces podcast while you stitch, which talks to Ukrainians about many different issues, from war & colonialism to language to feminism and more. Really great stuff. 

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