Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Sheet To Simplicity 9115

I have been working on an outfit based on Simplicity 9115 - the whole outfit worn by the model on the front on the envelope. And I'm using a great piece of fabric; a thrifted 100% cotton sheet that I bought because the colour and the weave were irresistible. 

So far I have finished the skirt. This appealed to me because it's a quick and easy pull on skirt, with an elasticated waist that has a flat front and large "poche Italienne", my favourite kind of pocket.

This cotton is crisp but not too stiff, it still has some drape and it gathers well. That's important for a skirt with an elastic waist! This skirt also has a small walking slit in the left seam; I reduced the height of it by an inch since my legs are so short, and found it just right. 

I found this a very easy project - it went together well, all notches matched and it was straightforward straight seam sewing. I loved the way the casing is just bigger than the 1" elastic for the waistband. It was easy to install and makes a nice neat waist. 

This skirt will fit perfectly into my wardrobe; I've already tried it on with four tops I already own and it matches them all. And when I finish the tunic from this pattern, I'll have even more to wear with it! I really love it with this grey Sorbetto that I embroidered, though - the yellows are a perfect match. 

I'm really happy with the fit and comfort of this easy make, one more element in my 2022 Blue and Yellow sewing plan. 


  1. Really pretty outfit, love the yellow skirt and the coordinating embroidery on the top.

    1. Thanks! I'm happy they match as I really love this top :)

  2. Hi Melanie,
    Just love this outfit on you. Sometimes simple makes are so striking. I particularly like the embroidery on the top - it is interesting, of late I have been adding embellishments to garments, hand stitching or beads etc, as it almost adds a textural layer with depth (to the eye anyway) and gives it something extra, and personal. I can think of several tops you could wear with the yellow skirt also. Your blue/yellow wardrobe must be looking pretty good now!
    .... Sara

    1. Thanks Sara! Yes, I'm pleased with the mix and match potential of my blue & yellow wardrobe thus far :) I do love adding embellishment to clothes, I really need to do it more often.


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