Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Literary Sewing Circle Round Up

The Spring round of the Literary Sewing Circle featured Premeditated Myrtle by Elizabeth C. Bunce, a fun middle grade mystery. While there were only a few finished projects shared, there were lots of readers involved! This series has 3 books so far, with 2 more titles forthcoming. So lots of Myrtle to read ahead :) 

Here are the projects that were finished and shared for the Literary Sewing Circle, Premeditated Myrtle round: 

Jan at @conlon.jan
Making the Castlepoint Skirt by Itch to Stitch
Featuring florals to suit the theme of the novel as well as a nod to Myrtle Hardcastle...

Sara making a great Zero Waste apron
 embroidered with a gilded lily
-- inspired by both the key flower in
 this tale and Cook's useful apron

Sarah at @a.little.quiet.sewing 
with a Flora Blouse by SBCC
inspired by the gardening theme
 & featuring a guest appearance
 by a special cat!

And finally, me! Wearing a
  Pivoine Blouse by Delphine & Morrissette
Inspired by Peony the cat and
 of course writing itself

Hope you enjoyed this trip through some projects! Keep your eyes open for our next Literary Sewing Circle round this fall.


  1. How fun... Congratulations to all!

    1. It's always fun! Love all these takes on the story.

  2. Always fun - absolutely!!! And makes you think outside the box. I love the challenge. I heard a costume historian recently say that clothes speak before the person, hence so much attention goes into plays, film and TV productions' wardbrobes. I realise this now, but hadn't given it thought before LSC. I wonder if budding authors are taught the importance of describing clothes.

    ... Sara

    1. Yes, I wonder if authors think about that as part of their character development. It does help when you're picturing a character as a reader!


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