Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Top Five Hits and Misses of 2021


I've always enjoyed doing a roundup of my yearly makes, and I just noticed that Gillian is hosting the Sewing Top 5 again, this time via Instagram. So I'm joining in :) 

This year was a decent sewing year for me -- I could have made a top 5 selection in different categories this year, and I've really liked most of my projects over the year. There are at least 12 other projects I was considering for top picks. But after winnowing through my list of faves a few times, I've whittled it down to the very top five projects! 

My faves of the year are: 

I loved the fabric and how easily this dress went together. It's 
comfortable to wear and has great pockets!

I loved making this reversible dress as a project for the Amatka round of the Literary Sewing Circle. It was just so perfect for the book, and it's comfortable and gets great comments when I wear it.

I love a good jumper, and this one has really cool pockets. Plus it's the first time I sewed with stretch gabardine, and this pattern was just right for it. I love the print and it's one I've worn a lot.

This pattern was inspired by The Queen's Gambit, one of my fave shows of the year. And I was so delighted at how it turned out, using this floral linen from my stash. Love this one. 

Of course I must mention my Rochester dress which I made for my 50th birthday! I like this  pattern and love this version in such a fun print. The first Rochester I made as a kind  of tester is also one of the tops of the year ;) 


As for the Top 5 Misses of the year, they all seem to have come in a clump this summer, right when I was having a hard time with a lot of things in my life. Big surprise there! The things that I made and tried hard to remake to wear them but that just didn't work out are:

Self-Drafted pull on trousers. Just didn't get that fit right at all. 

A McCalls 4591 and matching Peppermint Magazine Pocket Skirt. The blouse was the wrong fabric and just couldn't be rescued, the skirt is just so not my style, I've only worn it once. 

Penrose Top from Sew News magazine. A free pattern but I made it way too big and I just do not like it at all. May reuse the fabric for something else, though, because I do like the print.

And finally a green rayon McCalls 7712 that I made in September and was underwhelmed -- tried to fix it but still don't like it and have never worn it. Think I need to find a friend who wants it! 

Overall this was a year with lots of great sewing, and this fall when I did the Seamwork wardrobe planning exercise I really got my sewjo back and have been slowly working away on some skirts and a suit jacket. Enjoying that a lot! I'll be posting my plans and goals for 2022 shortly, and suits will definitely make an appearance in next year's sewing...


  1. Nice round-up! That Harmon top is one of my faves!!

    1. Thanks! It's a nice pattern if you don't have to make a lot of full bust adjustments anyhow. I love how this one turned out :)

      It's nice when it's hard to choose favourites because most things worked out this year!


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