Tuesday, June 1, 2021

MeMadeMay 2021 recap

Well, that's a wrap on another MeMadeMay! I enjoyed myself this year -- didn't demand daily photos of myself, just  focused on paying attention to what I was reaching for. 

The weather this month was all over the place -- cold, then hot, then cold again -- so there was a wide variety of things coming out of my closet this month. At the beginning of the month, I noticed I was reaching for warm things, and many of them were in purples and reds. I know I love purple, I should make an effort to get more of it into my closet! I also found that as I was relaxing at home, I was reaching for the same few long sleeve tees that I've made. I don't have a lot of casual makes, especially separates, so this is something I should try to add to. 

A couple of the comfy warm tops I wore early in May

On other days, and particularly when I was going to work, I reached for favourite dresses - and they are favourites because they fit well and were comfortably designed. And had pockets ;) So I know that I tend to wear dresses more when they're not overly fitted and they include pockets. And they are easy to move in, very important. Nevertheless, I do tend to wear my woven dresses more -- so I can keep on track with my summer plans for a few more lightweight, floaty woven dresses with pockets. 

I've added a few more easy tops into the mix as well. I made two this month (the Factory Dress in top view, and the Adrienne Blouse). They will allow me to wear my basic skirts a bit more. 

I think that this month showed me that my wardrobe is basically made up of things I enjoy wearing. I have a couple of items that I put on and took off again, and those may be en route out of my closet. And I noted that I need more comfy lounge wear. And that I don't really have a ton of separates besides the basic skirts I've made. That's the reason for my summer capsule plans - a few more coordinating separates to get the wardrobe moving. 

But otherwise, it was just a fun time wearing my me made wardrobe, and also following the hashtag on Instagram for lots of inspiration and new people to follow. I found a few patterns that I'd forgotten about which looked great on other people, so I need to dig them out of my stash and go to work! 

Did you enjoy your MeMadeMay? Any new plans coming out of it?

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