Friday, June 4, 2021

Literary Sewing Circle: Amatka project roundup


This round of the Literary Sewing Circle has been a fascinating one, with lots of conversation about this thought-provoking book. Today I'm sharing the projects that were finished and shared by deadline. (If you are working on something and finish later, please share a link in the comments on this or the link up post!

There was a wide variety of inspiration going on for the various projects this time. They also range in technique. Here are the projects shared so far. 

A fun project - the Seamwork Graham tie! - inspired by the author's own personal style, by Alissa

A Zadie Jumpsuit by Lori, who says " I got the impression that utilitarian clothes were the mainstay of Amatka. The minimalist aesthetic of the Zadie strikes me as being appropriate inspiration."

A pair of Clyde Work Pants, made by Sarah who was also "Inspired by the minimalist and work- oriented nature of the commune called Amatka". Pants are complete with tag reading "pants" just to reinforce their nature ;)

A blouse made by Sara, inspired by Vanja's loss of language near the end of the book. She says "for me it is the fabric - the tangled web of speech, the thoughts are there but not the speech. The red buttons are my pop of colour for hope in a brighter future."

A project that used hand embroidery, rather than making a garment, complete with a deep discussion of the themes of language in Amatka, and how we shape our own worlds by how we speak about them, by Andrea. 

gorgeous photo ©Andrea McDowell

And finally my own projects. I was inspired to make two, both using green and mushrooms as themes. The first was the Factory Dress by Merchant & Mills, made into a top, using some quilting fabric from my stash. Little tiny mushrooms in that print! 

Last was the Metamorphic Dress by Sew Liberated. I thought that the idea of a dress that transforms represents this book perfectly, especially with one side of it a green mushroom print. Mushrooms are the source of form in Amatka, and this dress had better stay a dress!

I've really enjoyed hosting this round of the Literary Sewing Circle and seeing all of people's creativity and engagement with this book. Our next round will start up in the fall, keep your eye on this space!


  1. A lovely lot of items! The embroidery has certainly had me thinking. Words are so important, but there are times where they go hand in hand with facial expressions and tone, for full understanding. Not so much when dealing with facts or fiction, but in day to day negotiation. Words alone can cause so many problems! And the metamorphic dress is so interesting .... I am really interested in reversible and multiple use garments. I hadn't realised what was involved in the construction before now. Plus the word 'pants' attached to the Clyde work pants is a very clever finishing touch. It was a great read, and inspiring for projects. Thank you Melanie.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I agree, a really great mix of projects and some unique interpretations of the themes of the books too. I enjoyed seeing everyone's take on it, and so glad that it seemed to make people really think about language and our role in shaping our own world.


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