Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A Rose Print Melrose Top

I've started into my summer sewing plans even if it's still too chilly to wear summer clothes yet. I started off with the Itch to Stitch Melrose Dress & Top. I decided to make the boxy top first, to test out the bodice fit and see if I liked it.

To do so, I used an upcycled duvet cover, well, the remains of it anyway. I made a Butterick dress from this fabric a couple of years ago, but haven't worn it much. But since this pattern is called the Melrose, I knew I'd have to make it in a rose print, for Melanie! Because the source was a duvet cover, there was quite a lot of fabric leftover to use. 

I like it much better as a short top than a full dress. The fabric isn't so overwhelming this way. It's a tad shorter than I usually like, so if I make the top again, I may lengthen it by a half inch or a bit more. Otherwise I quite like the fit. 

It's an easy project. I cut it out one night and then sewed it all up in one afternoon. It has a sleeve cuff and hem band that can be cut in contrast fabric, as well as a neck binding that shows, so this could also be a good scrap buster. The pattern comes with various cup sizes built in, so for the C cup and larger, a bust dart is incorporated. Since I cut the A/B cup size, it was just a straight front that is close to the same as the back (although the back is slightly longer at the armholes, and wider at hem, for fit). Front and back are sewn together, add the cuffs, hem band, and neck binding, and you're done. The longest part of it was just pressing and pinning all those finishing elements so that they'd be nice and even and flat when topstitching them down. 

I like the fit - the neckline isn't too wide, it isn't gaping, and it is comfortable to move my arms around. Even in this crisp cotton, a bit stiffer than recommended in the pattern, I like the feel of this top. Next up is the actual dress, in a drapier rayon, and another rose print, of course!  Maybe if the weather warms up I can take outdoor pictures soon, too ;)


  1. I love that colour on you! Hopefully, it will really be spring again in a few days...

    1. Thank you! Yes, I hope so. It really affects the spring blooms when it gets cold like this, sadly.

  2. Nice top and great recycling of the duvet! I love the floral print and continue to see lots of florals for dresses and tops on the internet.


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