Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September Sewing

My sewing really slowed down in August, since I headed back to work. Lots of readjustment to busy schedules again and to what is needed now in terms of wardrobe and sewing efficiently.

I also had less time to blog, both because of work and because I was busy with my book blog like I am each August -- it is Women in Translation Month, and it's one of my favourite times to read and share lots of books. So my Friday posts dropped off here a bit. But I'm planning on getting back to my regular 3 posts a week schedule here again.

There's lots to talk about coming up in September! (can you believe it's September already??)

On Friday Sept 18, the next round of the Literary Sewing Circle will be launching! I'm really excited about this one, it's a great read and topical too. The title and author will be announced on September 18, but here's a hint: think Minnesota, a well known writer with many titles, and a book that was just released earlier this year.

My local guild, the Stratford Garment Guild, is going to start meeting again, but we're going virtual. Our venue is not allowing rentals at this point, and we are all a bit cautious about getting together in a big group for a while yet (not to mention that there are limits to the number of people who can get together, even if we wanted to). So we are sticking with Zoom for now. It's not the same as meeting in person, but it does give us the option of talking with people very far afield, so there are benefits, too!

And of course there are still lots of plans for actually sewing :)

I want to finish some of my summer patterns that I prepared but haven't finished off yet, and blog a few that I have finished but not shared yet. Then it's on to some fall patterns. Here are a couple I have in mind for this month -- I am still trying to sew from stash as much as possible, and I have many, many options.

Burda 03/2020, Dress 106.
This is a zip front dress with a snap closure on the matching belt, and I love the shape of it. I have a colourful cotton sateen that would be a perfect match.

Burda 6451, the longer view, in this dark emerald green; it's a medium weight blend of some kind, a bit like a suiting . Love the shape and the pockets!

And I'd like to make another cardigan but haven't decided on a pattern yet...Blackwood? Love Notions Boyfriend Cardigan? The short & trim Jenna Cardi? Hmmmm...

I'm not putting many new projects in the queue yet since I haven't finished the ones I cut out last month. But it's definitely time to pull out the fall sewing. How about you? Do you have your fall sewing lineup set?

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