Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Linen Owyn Trousers

I made some trousers! I don't make pants as a rule; I hardly ever wear them. But after my recent success at making a pair of shorts for my husband I thought I should try a simple pair for myself.

I recently picked up a copy of Lotta Jansdotter's Everyday Style, which I have been wanting for a while, thanks to all the nice versions of the patterns in this book that I've seen on Instagram. So I traced out the elastic waist pull on pants in this book, the Owyn Trousers.

It's a simple style; flat front with elastic coming about 1/4 of the way across the front on each side. And the pattern is slightly cropped but I didn't realize that; I'm so short that the cropped look is ankle length on me anyhow!

I added some patch pockets to the front, and ended up folding the casing down by only 1/2 its width so I have a narrower elastic waist because otherwise I wouldn't like where they sit on my waistline. They fit okay, but I'll definitely need to increase the back height next time as I'd like them to sit higher, and I'd like to fold the casing down fully too.

I used some old navy linen in my stash and it's lightweight and comfortable for summer. If I can get the fit right on these I think they would be nice in a heavier weight fabric for work pants too. But they did remind me why I don't really make pants; the fit is so hard to get right, even for easy pull on styles, and I end up not wearing them very often anyhow. So I'm not sure if I'll tackle the fitting adjustments and make another pair of these soon, or wait until the fancy strikes again, probably in another year or two ;)


  1. THey look great- I don't think fit is very important with pull ons, as long as the rise is's easier in stretch fabrics. I reach for my reliable Style Arc 'Linda' ponte trousers...I think I have about 6 pairs lol

    1. Definitely have to adjust the rise here, but otherwise I like them. I also have the Jalie Eleonore jeans but have only made those once also, years ago! Pants are not really my thing, but I would like to get the hang of them.


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