Tuesday, June 30, 2020

BurdaStyle Red Rayon Woven Tee for July

I received the July 2020 issue of my Burdastyle magazine subscription last week, and while a few of the patterns caught my eye, it was this woven tee (#125) that gave me instant heart eyes. Something about the shape and sleeve detail just made me want to make it now. So I did!

I think this is the fastest I have ever made a Burda pattern from receiving the issue to wearing the item. It helps that it was an easy pattern, and that PatternReview is having a T-Shirt contest that spurred me to get going (woven tees are allowed).

I had this piece of extremely drapy rayon challis in my stash; it's so old I don't even remember when or where I bought it. But it was just enough for this top. Because this is a plus size pattern, it starts at 44. I'm a Burda 42 in my shoulder/bust but a 44 in my hip, so I trace the 44 but then just cut the shoulder and armscye without a seam allowance, and add a 1/2" seam allowance from underarm to hip. That usually adjusts the size for me. I could get fancy and do some proper grading, but this trick works for me with Burda magazine patterns, anyhow.

When I cut it, it was nearly tunic length, which I thought I'd like, but I didn't. It was too much, too overwhelming. So I trimmed it to low hip, which meant I gave up the side slits in the pattern but because it was roomy enough it didn't matter (I didn't feel like unpicking this shifty rayon to create new side slits; I was afraid the fabric couldn't take it.)

I really, really like it! The sleeves have a tab, and the day I was making this, my friend who passes on her mother's stash to me dropped by a box of buttons and trim along with a bit of fabric -- and wouldn't you know, the absolute perfect buttons for this blouse were in there. Gold toned, very lightweight and just the right size. Sewing serendipity!

I didn't alter it in any other way, but as with many Burda patterns, this is just a tiny bit wide in the neck, so if I make it again I am going to pinch out an inch from the front width. Otherwise, it was a surprisingly quick sew, even with this fabric, and I love the drapy goodness of it. It is very light and cool, and I really love a good red top. Just in time for Canada Day!

There are a bunch of great patterns in the last few issues of Burda that I want to make. I spent a day last week tracing off a whole whack of them, so hopefully some of them will make it to the blog soon. I hope that despite everything that is going on right now, you are able to find some joy in your sewing. I know it has been my saving grace over the last few months!


  1. I just received this issue and that top is the first thing that caught my eye! Your version is really beautiful - LOVE the fabric.

    1. Thanks! For some reason this top is very appealing in the magazine. It is very soft in this rayon :)

  2. It does look great. (I'm taking a break from Burda right now until I see them being more diverse with their models.)

    1. I have my subscription and love the designs, so I'm sticking with it, but writing them about that topic and hopefully following up until I get a solid reply.


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