Sunday, August 4, 2019

Weekend Review: Stylish Remakes

Stylish Remakes / Violette Room
Tokyo: Tuttle, c2015
94 p.
I picked this book up second hand, and am glad I didn't have to pay full price for it: there are probably only two ideas in it that I'd use. 

That's not to say it's not a good book, it is just very much aimed at a young, street savvy demographic. Most of the projects are low-sew, more aimed at fashionable upcyclers than sewists. The 'author', Violette Room, is a Japanese clothing brand, so youthful street style is their focus. The feel of this book reminds me a little of the younger, punk aesthetic of Generation T, another quick & dirty refashioning book.

If you fit into this demographic -- young, small sized -- this might be just the thing for you. The projects are a little different from those in other upcycling books, and there is a fair bit of variety in the ideas themselves. Most of the projects look similar in the photos because of the heavy use of flannel shirts and American printed tees and sweatshirts. What's with all the Americana? But the ideas could be adapted to other kinds of raw materials, to good effect.

The book features a total of 25 ideas categorized into six sections: T-shirts, Flannel Shirts, Borders (apparently striped fabric), College Sweats (sweatshirts), Gabardine Coats, and Bandannas. There are a couple of accessories in there too -- a detachable collar and a drawstring purse. Like most Japanese sewing books, the project images and brief descriptions come first, followed by all the instruction in the back.

In this book, there are no patterns -- there are drafting & remaking instructions. Your project depends on your original materials that you are attempting to upcycle. It's an inspirational book, full of ideas, and then it's up to a reader to make something out of what you have. 

I liked the idea of putting two shirts together to make one sundress, or cutting and reattaching two halves of oversized sweatshirts to make a swing top. There are sure to be a couple of ideas for readers who don't fall into the target market to make use of, at the least. Take a look at CSews and how she made a man's shirt into a cute little blouse, for an example.

This isn't one that I'd consider a must have, but taking a quick look via the library might be an option for you, and could be just that kick of inspiration that you need. 

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