Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Me Made May: a beginning

Well, it's the end of Week One of Me Made May and what have I learned so far? My pledge was to look at what I most often reach for and what gets worn -- style, fabric, patterns all under the microscope this month!

I haven't made any plans around my wardrobe, I'm just dressing as I normally would, and noticing what I feel best in. So far this week I've worn the following:

Left Column, top to bottom:

Kwik Sew 3559
McCalls 7597
McCalls 7251 (Tracy Reese Plenty blouse)


Vogue 9329 (Marcy Tilton)

Right Column, top to bottom:

Simplicity 2927
Colette Moneta
New Look 6602

What have I learned from this? I reach for clothes I feel comfortable in. I like a looser fit, sleeves, lots of knits or softer wovens like rayons or linen blends. Also, obviously I love dresses ;)

It has been cooler than usual in these parts most days this week, so I haven't been able to get away with many lighter dresses unless I'm also wearing a cardigan or tights. But that also means I can wear things like my Vogue 9329 or any of my Monetas.

I still have some of favourites to wear, but have found that dresses that shift around on my body or don't fit quite right (like the beautiful Simplicity 2927 "Carnival Rose" dress) aren't fun to wear even though they are beautiful. Sigh.

I'm still hoping to alter or adjust things that I love but that don't fit right; and get rid of things that I wear that end up not feeling like me at all. Nothing so far this week is that bad!

How is MeMadeMay going for you?


  1. This is what MMM does for me too... I get up daily and just get dressed...but I also end up paying more attention to what I like wearing (or don't like), what works and doesn't, what works together, etc. Super fun.

    1. Yes, I've found that now that I'm paying more attention I'm also looking at the patterns I pick out to see if I would really wear that silhouette before I invest time in making it. It's interesting so far this month to see which items that I'm naturally gravitating to.

  2. Well I have been camping all month so far and haven't been able to think about wearing hand made ... apart from warm scarf, hat and socks, all knitted by me. Maybe once home, I will look what I have in my wardrobe and what I actually wear so I have a focus for future garments.

    1. I can't knit or crochet so I wouldn't be wearing any warmly made memades like you have! I admire that talent. I'm thinking that after this month I might have to spend the next month making more of my favourites.


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