Thursday, March 1, 2018

Day & Night Dress Challenge

Because I have nothing better to do and so much spare time (hahaha) I decided last minute to join the Day & Night Dress Challenge hosted by Elizabeth Made This.

I highlighted my "Coffee Dress" yesterday -- this sunny day dress is made from a soft and lovely cotton flannel, and the Jennifer Lauren Laneway Dress Pattern. It's perfect for day wear and cozy enough to sit around in having coffee and danishes, I think. I will have to test that hypothesis immediately.

My "Cocktail Dress" is made from a sparkly knit I picked up at the Goodwill a few years ago now. I thought its nighttime feel contrasted well with the sunny feel of the Laneway. Also, as you can probably tell by now, prints are really my thing.

I used a favourite TNT pattern, Kwik Sew 3559. I love the way this pattern looks, either as a dress or a tee, and how it changes its feel according to fabric. I would definitely wear this one with some sparkly beads and heels to a cocktail event. Or with these gold accented flats for after work drinks.

It's such a simple pattern, really 3 pieces and a bias neck facing. I quickly turned under and stitched the sleeve hems -- probably too quickly, as I didn't press, and looking at these pictures I can tell! Time to toss it under the iron... But I started it at 9:45 last night, and was hemming it by midnight. So it's really a quick and easy standard for me. I really love how it fits and the overall shape.

It's loose but not baggy; in fact I might have benefitted from an extra inch across the lower back. But then each version is different, according to stretch of the fabric. This particular fabric was a thrift store bolt -- I had 5 m. of it, and since this only takes 1.5 metres, I still have a fair bit to use in future.
I think this dress suits this sparkly print, and can see wearing it in many different settings.

Here is how I wore it today, accessorized. I was also wearing a little black cardi but took it off for photos so that you could actually see the dress ;)

Thanks once again to accommodating coworkers who will snap pics of me on our breaks!

I'm also participating in a "Dress a Month" sewalong on Pattern Review so these will go right into my count there. It's fun to have some incentive to stitch up something new.

Speaking of new, I'll soon share some first looks at my project for the Literary Sewing Circle & our  reading of Dance, Gladys, Dance. I've been inspired by Frieda's colourful canvasses... hope you have some ideas too.

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