Friday, May 31, 2019

Me Made May 2019: It's a wrap

Well, it's the end of another Me Made May! Did you play along? If so, did you enjoy it?

I was focusing on looking at what I have in my closet and what I reach for most, and also trying to either mend or donate things I haven't been wearing. How did I do this month?

I did find that I reach for comfortable dresses most often. And that I don't have too many separates, especially since I don't make pants -- I actually do have one pair of SBCC Pinot Pants but they are only indoor, around-the-house stretchy pants, so I haven't made any that I wear in public yet ;)

I made two new dresses this month, one knit and one woven, both with a loose fit. The rayon Butterick 4948 (pattern from 1997) is going to be a definite favourite in future.

And the New Look 6542 (also a 90s pattern) is comfortable for cooler days, and will be worn again once I trim it up a bit -- stretchy rayon knit means it has grown on me! 

The dress above also met my goal of trying to get some UFOs finished up -- along with another quick vintage top that I finished at the beginning of the month, a Stretch & Sew 345.

I just have two UFOs left now, a stretch velvet top that I cut in January and have currently lost interest in finishing as it's not a summer piece, and a Butterick summer dress that I cut in a lovely crinkle rayon ages ago and must finish up soon!

And because I realized that I don't have a lot of summer tops that wear often -- besides my various Kwik Sew 3559s & a couple of Sorbettos -- I spent a day this week tracing off just some of the many pretty top patterns I have in my stash but haven't got around to making yet.

What's up for June? More stash sewing, some wardrobe maintenance (still one big mending/altering project I haven't finished in May), and matching up some of my fabrics with those newly traced patterns. And tracing off a couple of dress patterns as well! I'm going to try to make a few more everyday dresses since that's what I've been reaching for regularly this month.

I hope you've had fun with your Me Made May and learned a lot about your habits as well.


  1. Impressive! It's the mending and altering that I get most behind on- I made a gorgeous Tracy Reese dress a couple of years ago which suffered the 'grow at its own pace' fate, so the hem is all over the place now. It's been hanging IN MY SEWING ROOM glaring at me ever since, yet keeps getting ignored. Sigh. More pretty fabric arrived this morning, but first I must get these costumes finished for Oz!

    1. Oh, I hear you! I put off mending or altering my own clothes for SO LONG. Even if I've just finished it I am loathe to go back and redo anything. That's why I tried to do some of it this month. But now have to do one more fix on my new project. It is endless! ;)


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